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The CTIW Foundation is civil society non-denominational children and teens development organization seeking to aid the younger generation understand the power in living true LOVE for others, how true LOVE can change the world and how true LOVE can be fulfilled through the unconditional LOVE of GOD that surpasses all understanding.
In the quest of changing our world, we believe nurturing the values of love, good manners, ethics, honesty, integrity, patriotism, selflessness, social support, dedication, commitment to community growth and development is the most revealing promise of a better world for all.
The calling of CTIW Foundation took place in January 2012 and work to set up its foundations commenced in July 2012 as a non-governmental civil society organization initially called the Children In Worship Foundation in the quest to impact our generation today and beyond. As part of efforts of the Foundation to expand its impact projects to touch the cradle of society, the CTIW Foundation has undergone a structural transformation to ensure unlimited reach to touch lives across the globe.
The CTIW Foundation stands for Children & Teens In Worship Foundation.
Our vision is to raise a new generation conscious of living responsible lives in changing the world and making it a better place for the generation today and beyond.
Our mission is to raise a new generation in the knowledge and understanding of the unconditional LOVE of GOD that surpasses all understanding.
CTIW Foundation