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The CTIW Literature Project is designed to empower the next generation with literary skill sets to produce literature in the form of poetry, articles, publications and research papers that can challenge and correct the misconceptions the world has created as knowledge and bring the truth to light. This skill set is critical in changing the misleading perceptions of life, creation of the earth and how man came into existence which have been written as research papers in various universities across the world.
The goal of the Literature Project is to raise a generation with the knowledge of the Love of God, from creation till now, that surpasses all understanding. A future generation with poised literary skills can write about the truth using newspaper publications, online publications and via academic research papers to correct misleading information that continues to make the world believe in illusions.
The project also aims at using literature as a medium to teach children, change society with positive moral values and share the truth of God’s love that makes all things beautiful. Skill sets to be developed are educative article writing, comic art of communication, news publications etc. Children and teens shall be trained to also develop report writing skills to report the different projects of CTIW Foundation via CTIW websites and periodic publications for public consumptions.
The Literature Project has the ultimate goal of establishing the following:
- Children/ Teens Research Publications
- Children/ Teens News Paper
- Children/ Teens Magazine
The above listed are designed to be extension projects after training and development of literary skills sets of children and teens to ensure they continue to improve on these skill sets throughout primary, junior high, secondary and tertiary levels of education.
Volunteer from any part of the world on this Project. How you could help:
  • You can volunteer with your professional skill set in starting a community group or supporting an existing one of your choice. You could do this annually, for selected months, for selected weeks, for selected days a week, a month or a year to help train, nature and develop literary skills of children and teens;
  • You may sponsor the annually, for selected months, for selected weeks, for selected days a week, a month or a year, the cost of print publication of the Children/ Teens newspaper, magazine and online publication promotions;
  • You may volunteer professional literature editing skill sets annually, for selected months, for selected weeks, for selected days a week, a month or a year to assist editing of the Children/ Teens newspaper, magazine or publications content.
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