Mark is a born again Christian with years of experience as an educationist and a wealth of experience from across the world as a children, teens and youth minister committed to helping the younger generation discover God, experience Him and encounter His ove that surpasses all understanding.
Mark applies a blend of innovative learning skills and methodologies in helping younger generation discover the truth in God’s word and His never-failing love. From his media background, he enlightens the younger generation on how they can use the media in helping the world encounter the love of God and in fulfilling the Great Commission.
As a University graduate, he combines a wide set of skill knowledge that makes his approach in winning the younger generation to love the word of God very unique.
He is a children’s man and offers children an amazing time in the presence of God.
Miranda is an outstanding team player with an excellent sense of critical and logical analysis of projects which adds to the strength of Children/ Teens in Worship Foundation team leaders. Miranda is a born-again Christian and a worship team leader.
Miranda is very committed and adaptive to change. She loves children and hearts the passion to impact into their lives positively to make them better persons in future. In addition to ministry, she brings on board unique international relations experience gained from several embassies in Accra.
With a Master’s degree in Business Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Psychology, she strengthens the Children/ Teens in Worship Foundation administratively and we can’t stop thanking God for her life.
She is lovely and welcoming and you would be glad to meet her in person.
Petra van Liere is of Dutch nationality, a born again Christian and team leader of the Foundation. As a trained Evangelist, she finds Children/Teens in Worship Foundation as a wonderful medium to help her impact the lives of the future generation of the world.
She has a Master’s degree with distinction in Tourism and International Development from the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom, and several courses and diplomas in international relations, sustainable development and tourism, lived and worked across several African countries like South African, The Gambia, Tanzania and Ghana. Petra has a broad international experience and has come to understand the importance of cross-cultural interaction and exchange for children and youth and its importance in advancing the development of their lives. She brings new life to the children by pioneering Christian family camps and vacations abroad, as well as helping with the administrative tasks within the Foundation.
She furthermore supports the prayer team and children’s evangelism team in reaching out to other children with the gospel with her sincere desire is to see children grow up in the fullness and knowledge of God.
She serves the Foundation fervently and we pray our good God blesses every effort she has put into raising this new generation for Christ Jesus.
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