Henrieke is a dedicated and commited volunteer, passionate about her service to humanity in touching lives, making a difference and expressing the Love of God to others. Nothing stands in her way on her quest of service and she makes every No a Yes in her bid to achieve goals of the Foundation.
Her unique drive of endless possibilities makes her one of the Foundation’s most valuable volunteers. She loves children, committed to teens and youth development and is a pupil teacher at a primary school in Nunspeet in the Netherlands. She supports the team whenever she can and wholeheartedly to advances every good course of the foundation. Her extraordinary love for God and the younger generation knowing Jesus is the source of her never-ending joy in her service.


Jonathan Ackon is a volunteer of CTIW Foundation with amazing qualities of patience, tolerance, focused and service ready upon any call  to serve. Jonathan Ackon is an Elder of his Church, Prayer Leader, Youth Patron with over 7 years of experience in teens and youth development. Jonathan Ackon finds the opportunity to serve the Foundation as an amazing platform to touch lives and make an impact.
As a full time banker specialised in mortgage, asset and financial management consultancy, he uses the opportunity to share the message of God’s Love through the Stanbic Christian fellowship which is a work place Christian fellowship group established 10 years ago. 
Jonathan Ackon ceases every opportunity to serve and give his best as long as he can and remains one of the humbled and hardworking volunteers of Children/Teens in Worship Foundation.


Esther has a sweet and an amazing spirit full of the Love of God and compassion for others. She is a volunteer driven by love and takes every opportunity to love as an expression of the unconditional love of God that surpasses all understanding.
Esther loves regardless of race, colour, ethnic background, religion or any artificial human institutions and ideologies that have divided our world today. She sees beyond human limitations and sees everyone in the creation of the image and likeness of God. Amazing Esther lives in the Netherlands, loves to worship and meditate through songs of praise to God using the piano. She loves to meditate on the faithfulness of God and His love for all mankind.
She is also a psalmist, expresses herself through writing of songs, poems and scripts. She studies Social Work currently, volunteers for the Foundation, loves children and enjoys mentoring them realize their dreams, goals and ambitions.


John Sena Kwawu is a volunteer, talented and well-travelled worship minister, an evangelist and author of the book “A True Life of Worship” with three music albums. He is the founder of Love Media Concept in Ghana, founder of Inspire Love International,
under of Love Community Worship Center; mission churches in Ghana and the United States.
He desires to serve God through the gift of music. He carries an intense love for interacting with people and helping them grow in ministry and their walk with Christ.
He is committed in developing trust in ministries, personal bond and strong interpersonal relationships with worship team volunteers. He trains, monitors and supervises individuals to improve quality, efficiency and effectiveness of worship teams across the world. He is passionate about the young generation discovering God and having personal encounters with God's love in their bid to know Him more.


Sanne Rekers continues to offer her services to the Foundation and has purposed in to make the difference with her services in every way she can.
Sanne Rekers is happily married with one child and she believes serving humanity in love is part of God’s plan for her life. She finds it very special to serve the Foundation and join hands together with the team on this journey of a thousand miles they  have embarked on.
She is also actively involved in youth ministry development in her church widening her scope of experience and knowledge aside her services to the Foundation. She is reliable, trust worthy, open arms, ready to serve and a true blessing to the Foundation. We love her and her service to the Foundation is indeed a great blessing.
Philip Asante has been volunteering for the of CTIW Foundation over the last 5 years, is dedicated to the evangelism content production team in Ghana and the Netherlands for children and teenagers television and online content broadcasting networks. Philip Asante with his sports background is also a coordinator for the Rural Community Sports Development Projects for Africa and the Rural School Bicycle Transportation Projects for the African continent. He is very experienced in managing children and teens in all projects of his engagements, he is very prayerful, hardworking and diligent in his service to the Foundation.
Phlip Asante plays a key role in community social project audio-visual documentation for community project development in the quest of the Foundation in touching lives and giving hope to the hopless. His love for his volunteer service makes him one of our finest volunteers with a big heart for humanity.









Mirjam Schreurs is a volunteer of the Children/ Teens in Worship Foundation with the vision to step out with the Foundation to reach out further in the Netherlands and Ghana as well! Mirjam is a creative and loving personality who loves to meet new people all around the world. She has a strong passion for Ghana and the African continent at large even though she has never visited the continent before. Mirjam has the vision of endless possibilities with her service to the Children/ Teens on Worship Foundation and is ready to contribute her part in changing lives and making a difference in the Netherlands, Ghana, the continent of Europe, Africa and beyond!
She employs her creativity and network in advancing the course of the Foundation. She is a student of Restorative and Decorative Painting but has a passion to advance her studies with Creative Therapy skills to bless other people around her.






Lea is German, with the passion to serve God wherever she finds herself. She is committed to the children and teens ministry and loves to be a part of the life changing agenda to help children and teens grow up in the fear of God.
With her cross-cultural ministry experience in Germany, Ghana and South Africa, she is a born-again Christian, seeks to share her knowledge and experience with others to support Christian ministries dedicated to raising the younger generation to know God and experience His righteousness.
As a university graduate, she believes in education as key to development but in the fear of God. She is fun to be with, very dedicated and would do every little she can to make a difference.
Sascha believes in the love of God for all humanity and his peace that surpasses all understanding. Sascha Lässig is born in Weimar, Germany, studied political science at Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena. Sasha has been passionate about community development projects of Children/ Teens in Worship Foundation and before then has been volunteering at the EJB in Weimar, an institution for political education of the European youth.
Sascha during his trips to Ghana fell in love with Children/Teens in Worship Foundation and has since then been committing all he can to see the Children/ Teens in Worship Found grow from strength to strength.
He believes the Love of God is the message the world needs to live in harmony. He believes there is every reason to support children because they are the future of our world and we have a responsibility to educate them and guide them become better leaders of the world tomorrow.
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