Hujoysse Jier Jenkins is a teacher, a social, a reform activist and a change advocate. Being a mentor she identifies with the competences and the strengths in people and directs them to excel in all in fields of life. As a humanitarian, her strong principles of faith, community services, family support and selflessness are fruits of her unflinching love for God.
Hujoysse Jier Jenkins is also a prolific writer/author and an awesome composer like the biblical Deborah: a judge, prophetess and psalmist who until date is proven by the ancient Greek and Latin to have a noble flow of divine strains in music composition.  Mrs Hujoysse Jier Jenkins leads a crusade of godly women to advocate for change in policies, cultures and behaviours that perpetuates violence, social vices, discrimination, marginalization and abuse in our societies.
Hujoysse Jier Jenkins is passionate about the development of children and stands tall as a patron of the Children/Teens In Worship Foundation.




Jan Jeremiah Horne is shepherd of the Eagles Nest Ministry in the heart of Western Cape, George, South Africa. Jan Jeremiah Horne as an end-time minister of God shepherds the people of George to know God and encounter the unconditional love of God that surpasses all understanding. As a kingdom minded is leader he uses every opportunity in uplifting the people of God, teaching them from the scriptures and helping them grow in wisdom and stature.
As a five-fold ministry leader, his vision is to touch the nations with the Holy Ghost fire, raising Eagles of the Gospel to reach out to the ends of the world, making the disciples in Christ Jesus and bringing the world into an encounter with the love of God.
Jan Jeremiah Horne has seized the opportunity to be a part of Children/ Teens In Worship movement to raise a stronger generation of the church tomorrow. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure children, teens and the younger generation find joy in knowing God and learning more about his ways and love for His children.



Charles C. Scot II was born in the Bahamas in the USA, has been in ministry since the age of 13 and reached out with the gospel mainly in Bahamas where he grew up as a child, teaching people about the love of God and to encounter the peace that surpasses all understanding. He has been involved in with Christian ministry in Ghana where he caught up with the vision of Children/ Teens in Worship Foundation.
Charles C. Scot II joined hands to grow this vision from a dream to reality and happens to be one of the principle founders and patrons of Children/ Teens in Worship Foundation who worked selflessly to share the dream with Christian organizations and Christian leaders. 
Charles C. Scot II holds academic degrees in Chemistry, Physics, Political Science and economics from the Florida State University where he also served as lecturer as part of his social contribution to society.
Gifted in wisdom and counsel, he also serves as director of outreach for the US Congress House of Representatives (FL 24) and continues to support the CTIW Foundation in any way he can to help raise and impact our generation today and beyond.
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