Fostering learning, empowering communities through educational initiatives and resources.

Medical Care

Assisting communities in accessing basic health services.

Skills Development

Establishing skills development programmes to empower the youth learn a trade.


Building strong, supportive communities through collaboration, engagement, and shared resources.

About CTIW Foundation

CTIW Foundation is a civil society non-denominational youth and children's development organization seeking to aid the generation fight poverty by equipping the generation with career development skills through education and increased access to healthcare.

We also believe the power of living true love for others regardless of race, colour, religion, ethnicity etc, can change the world for the better and this can be fully fulfilled through the unconditional love of God that surpasses all understanding.

Through our projects we hope to increase access to education and help improve the quality of education to enable the generation in developing countries compete on the world markets with their products, knowledge, skills, expertise, and service.

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International Community Development Camp 

The Netherlands 

20-30 September 2024

CTIW In Numbers

Check out the Impact CTIW has made over the years in the areas we are passionate about.


Number of children and teens we have worked with over the years.


People who have supported our various initiatives.


Ghanaian communities and schools we have impacted with our projects and initiatives.


Volunteers worldwide who have signed up to work with us in expanding our reach.

We can't help everyone on our own,
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